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Do you want to give someone an amazing and unusual present? Sending Veganmealsdelivered gift vouchers allows your lucky recipient to stock their fridge or freezer with vegan goodies at their own convenience. Giving someone the gift of prepared, healthy vegan food will be a much-appreciated treat for ANYONE, let's face it, but particularly someone who is struggling to cook because they are recuperating from illness, they have a tiny baby, crazy things are going on at work or uni, they are renovating, they have vegan or vegetarian houseguests..........the list is endless really. Perhaps you know someone who wants to go vegan but they feel it will be too hard or they don't have the cooking knowledge. What better intro to going vegan than to send gift vouchers so they can order all their food in? Who out there, who is of sound mind, is not going to LOVE this gift???

How it works

1. You must be registered to purchase.

2. Choose the value of the voucher in multiples of $5 (order 10 vouchers for a gift of $50). Then checkout and pay.

3. You will receive a payment confirmation by email. As a security measure we have to manually confirm all gift vouchers, so as soon as we see it and have time to verify its authenticity we will release it to you.

4. You will receive an email informing you that the gift voucher is now available. If you look at 'My Account' in the VeganMealsDelivered site you will see the voucher value there.

5. There will be a link where you can send through the gift voucher to whomever you choose. Enter their details and send it on. The gift receiver will get an email with the details and a link to the site.

7. Once they click on the link they are taken to the site, can create an account, or log in if they are already registered, and the voucher value will be present under their account for them to spend.

Easy. Any questions please email info@veganmealsdelivered.com.au