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About the food ingredients...

When you say your food is vegan, what does that actually mean?
The food sold at Veganmealsdelivered is made with no animal products whatsoever. I mean, seriously, don’t make us barf. It means our food does not ever contain any form of meat, fish, shellfish, crustacean, animal milk, cheese, eggs, butter, ghee, yoghurt, honey, nor do we use any products containing animal derived ingredients such as cochineal, whey, lactose etc. The food is made entirely from plant foods. There are a zillion reasons why this is marvellous.
Is all of the food 100% vegan?
Yes, all of the food is vegan. I do sometimes use some condiments, spreads, sauces and other adhoc products that say “made on the same equipment as nuts, soy” etc. and I also don’t have a problem with products saying there may be ‘traces of milk and egg”…..I am okay with this personally. It doesn’t apply to much of the food on here since it is overwhelmingly plants, grains and beans. If you do have a problem with ‘traces’, email me before ordering and I’ll see what I can do to make you happy.
I have a food allergy. Is your food safe for me to eat?
I clearly state on every food item whether it contains common allergens, including nuts, soy or sulphites. Please play close attention to this when ordering. Although the food is made in sanitary conditions, with a passionate focus on the integrity of the ‘nut free/ soy free/ no added sulphites’ label, I do use nuts, soy and sulphites in my kitchen at other times and I cannot guarantee there will not be minimal traces, in the same way that our supermarket products are reluctant to guarantee no traces. But listen, if it says ‘no nuts’ on my food, I’m tellin’ you there aint no nuts in there.
Is your food organic?
I am not making a claim that the food here is 100% organic, but I do make every effort to use organic products where possible. My soy milk is organic, I use a lot of organic flours and grains, many but not all of the vegetables I use are organic, and a great deal of the pastes, spices etc that I use are organic. I mostly bake with organic panela or rapadura sugar. I am also on a mission to fairtrade-ize items such as cocoa, chocolate and tea in my pantry. If you would like to know if anything is organic in any meal on sale here, please email me before ordering.

About delivery...

Is the food delivered fresh or frozen?
The food is delivered fresh unless otherwise stated. I may sometimes offer a frozen item, but I will state this on the description. Please refrigerate your food immediately upon receipt of the goods.
Can I specify a specific time of day for delivery?
No. Once we send out your delivery by courier, you can track your parcel online. Depending on your suburb, you may receive your order on Thursday, the same day it is sent out. For some suburbs, the delivery will arrive the following day.
My food has leaked in the box, or is otherwise ruined in some way. Do I get a refund?
Are you crazy?? Of course!! That is not good. If that happens, we are not happy. Please email or call right away if there is any problem whatsoever with your order. We will make it right. This is pure vegan love and we want you to order again and to tell your friends. We don’t want sad faces and empty bellies.
Can I specify a specific time of day for delivery?
No. Once we send out your delivery by courier, you can track your parcel online. Depending on your suburb, you may receive your order on Thursday, the same day it is sent out. For some suburbs, the delivery will arrive the following day.
What’s the system of delivery?
We send all our deliveries out by courier, currently on Thursday. We hope to increase our deliveries in due course. When we have prepared your food and packed it, we send it out by courier on Thursday morning. Depending on your suburb, you will receive it later that day, or the following day. The food will be kept cold throughout its journey by our special ice packs. You will receive an email from us after ordering, with which you can track your parcel on the courier's website. In many instances we can give the driver the authority to leave your delivery in a safe place that you have nominated, which will save you from going through the re-delivery process if you miss the driver. We will not give authority to leave your delivery if you live in an apartment block or an otherwise difficult-to-access address. To avoid re-delivery hassles, it makes sense to nominate a delivery address where it is easy for the driver to drop and go. Perhaps your delivery could go to your workplace? Your mum's place?

You will be able to give special instructions while you are going through the checkout process, under 'delivery method'. The box says 'Special instructions or comments about your order'. You can nominate a safe place for your box to be left. Please state if your building is in any way unsuitable for a box to be left unguarded until your return.

Please advise us immediately if there is any problem with your order, and please unpack and store your items immediately.
What areas do you deliver to and what is the cost?
SYDNEY AND SURROUNDS DELIVERY - We deliver to Sydney Metro and Greater Sydney, as determined in Fastway Couriers' rates schedule. This includes Newcastle, Wollongong, Southern Tablelands, Blue Mountains, Gosford, Erina, Wyong, Nowra, Kiama and Hunter Valley. We deliver at this stage to the brown and lime zones. For delivery to Sydney metro postcodes a FEE OF $15 FOR ALL PACKAGES UNDER 25kg will be charged (Fastway brown zone). For delivery to outer/greater Sydney postcodes, a FEE OF $16 FOR ALL PACKAGES UNDER 25kg will be charged (Fastway lime zone). As a small and new business, we are not yet on a preferred rate with Fastway Couriers. If we increase our deliveries over time we will enjoy a cheaper rate which we will pass onto you! Yay! So please keep ordering! Metro Sydney areas will receive their delivery on a Thursday, whereas some Greater Sydney addresses, as well as other outer-lying suburban areas, will receive their delivery on a Friday.

MELBOURNE DELIVERIES - We charge our Melbourne packages as per Fastway's delivery schedule and this is based on weight and location. The following charges apply based on your total at the Veganmealsdelivered checkout (and our estimated weight therof):

Melbourne parcel checkout total spend -

spent up to $75 = $20 delivery fee

spent $75 - $150 = $25 delivery fee

spent $150 - $225 = $30 delivery fee

spent $300 - $375 = $35 delivery fee

spent $425 & above = $40 delivery fee

Melbourne deliveries are for metro areas only and we anticipate an overnight journey for your parcel, with boxes expected to arrive on Fridays. Boxes are lined with extra commercial ice sheets and insulating material to keep the box cool in transit.

About the menu..

Do you offer catering services?
We are currently taking a break from catering services.
How often will the menu change?
Usually it will change once a week, but there may be times when we keep something going for a while if it’s in season or people are enjoying it.
Can I cancel my order?
You can cancel your order as long as we have a clear 48 hours’ notice prior to delivery on a Thursday. So you must tell us by Tuesday 5pm. Please email immediately. There will be no refunds on food ordered if it has already been cooked and packaged by us. As with any query you might have, if you need to talk to us about cancellation, just call or email.
Can I make changes to my order?
Please email. If you want to make minor changes, you can do that no later than 24 hours prior to delivery, i.e. by Wednesday 5pm. Major changes might be a problem if we have purchased, cooked and packaged the items. So get in touch and tell us what the issue is.
But will I get enough protein/calcium/iron?
Yes, you really will if you eat a good varied vegan diet of fresh unadulterated food, including plenty of fresh veg, fruit, pulses, grains and nuts, with an emphasis on whole foods and an absolute minimum of packaged and processed foods. You won’t just get enough of everything you need; you’ll be at an advantage in every way. See this link for information on what is really involved in going vegan.
Can I order from VeganMealsDelivered if I’m not vegan?
Yes, in fact, please do. But click here to see what it’s all about. I think you would love it and feel amazing.
Can’t I just eat at Lord of the Fries?
Of course. I’d be worried about you if you didn’t. But if you want a healthy, home-cooked vegan meal the rest of the time, then I’m an option for you.

About us..

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Yes. Come and see. Follow. Find out things......