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About Us

Fancy studies reveal (probably) that vegans are wildly intelligent, compassionate and glittery people. Hence, they are normally engaged in amazingly fulfilling jobs or educational courses, providing wonderfully enriching care to their younglings and companion animals, or are deeply invested in partying and edifying cultural pursuits. What does this all mean? It means BUSY. Busy, busy, busy. That’s why we get so darned excited about all the vegan cafés and restaurants popping up around Sydney at a cheering rate. We want to get on with this Sydney vegan life…and we don’t always have time to cook a splendid meal. I mean, yes, sometimes we do, but SOMETIMES WE DON’T GODDAMIT. In those moments, we turn, vaguely beaten, to 2-minute noodles, peanut butter sandwiches and burgers from the freezer section of le supermarché.

Veganmealsdelivered says YO DUDE! You don’t ever have to do that. Not anymore. The concept behind this business is to bring the kind of meals you would cook for yourself and your family straight to your door. It is a 100% vegan business. Yes, we check all labels and ingredients with just the same level of obsession that you do. We KEEP ON checkin’ those labels are vegan because we know they like to change it all around on us. We are always focused on quality ingredients, freshest vegetables, thrilling grains (thrilling grains? Yes, though!) and a healthy balance. But above all we are into tasty food and satisfying meals. This isn’t a plate of steamed bok choi we are talking here, my friends. NOOOO! This is creamy sauces, garlic, spice, hearty mains, homemade cheese and pesto sauce, curries with depth, food with colour and flavour. It’s nutrition packed…..we dial many of our dishes up a notch with extra inclusions like quinoa, kale, nutritional yeast, fresh herbs, black beans, seaweed. Because WE want that in our nosh, so we figure you do too.

So. This is how it’s going to go down. We will receive your order via this website. We will skip gaily and tunefully to the kitchen and get knee-deep in vegetables n pots n pans for the next several hours concocting your lunch, dinner and dessert. We will cook it with the same love and attention to detail as we would cook for our own family (in fact, we are going to be eating the leftovers). We pack it up, give it a kiss and a pat, and wave it off by courier, where it arrives at your place later in the day. You can spend the rest of the week Just. Being. Amazing. Oh, and don’t forget to put your buff coloured cartons in the compost.

Oh, and are you wondering why we are vegan? We are vegan for ethical reasons. To strive to have absolutely no participation in the depressing and barbaric ‘animal industry’ whatsoever, and to vote with our feet at the supermarket and other stores by not purchasing or consuming food and all other products made via the exploitation of animals. Similarly we boycott exploitative activities like the zoo. We are pretty excited to see a continuing trend towards a peaceful, healthy vegan lifestyle, and we hope Veganmealsdelivered can be a little part of this effort. There are also people who are vegan mainly for environmental or health reasons, but for us, that is just a happy bonus. Whatever your reason for being vegan or vegan-curious, we LOVE YOU. Studies reveal (probably) that people who eat Veganmealsdelivered have 98% fewer personality defects, sleep 99.9% easier in their beds at night, and have 94% more burgeoning fridges (maybe). Also a recent poll of 1,000,000 Sydney vegans revealed they are 100% uninterested in statistic-checking. Thankfully.

Welcome to Veganmealsdelivered! Come back again and again, won’t you?

We’ll treat you right. :)