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Next Delivery from the 27th of October.

Greetings Vegans!

If you are looking for vegan meals to be delivered to you, it’s highly critical that you get onto a website that does vegan meals…..Delivered. Like this one! And not, say, one of those other ones who have zero vegan options and make you want to cry. Same deal with the supermarket meals and the frustrating ‘conversation’ in the omni restaurant which can make your brain extremely hurty. Forget those timewasters….Everybody knows that if you want PROPER vegan chow, you need to get a vegan to make it. And in this case, bring it.

We have no intention of making you cry. When you click through our options and realise that every damned thing is vegan, you are going to feel that all is right with the world. There are many reasons why you might not be up for cooking too much right now – work dramas, late nights, hectic social life, illness, family wrangling, alphabetising your vegan cookbooks. Whatever. Sometimes you just realise there won’t be any home-cooked masterpieces happening in your kitchen this week. That’s okay, get a cup of tea or a pint of gin, come back, peruse, do some clicking. And that, my friends, is that. Sorted.

Lara xx